Sales & Business Development Services



Sales Strategy & Program Development for recurring revenue


Don’t have a MSP sales program that builds a recurring revenue stream for your Managed Service Provider? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


The “build it (product) and they (customers) will come” mentality is unreliable and should only be utilized in the Field of Dreams. Growth and recurring revenue occurs only with the proper mix of product, positioning, services and sales; however, MSPs and are struggling Small Business's often lack the experience necessary to build a successful sales program that leads to recurring revenue.


Lead Gangs has built a number of successful recurring revenue streams for MSP's, from strategy through to execution, and we pride ourselves on the results that we have generated for our clients.



Business Development Services


Finding exceptional sales talent for MSPs is hard… So it’s a good thing you’ve already found us.


Statistically, only one out of five sales hires will be successful unless you have a great deal of experience hiring, mentoring, and training salespeople. At an early stage, it is unwise for a company, without significant experience and capacity in this area, to spend their time hiring entry level or mid-tier business development managers.


Lead Gangs inside sales team is comprised of proven sales professionals with experience across a number of different technolngy sectors for MSPs in mind. Rather than invest the time, money, and energy into growing your own sales team, choose Lead Gangs business development services to get you and your product in front of prospective buyers by identiying recurring revenue for your MSP.


Sales Management, Training & Mentoring


So you already have a sales team. Great. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.


According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a task. Although we agree with Mr. Gladwell, we don't expect you to wait that long for your sales team to start producing real results.


The sales experts at Lead Gangs have invested tens of thousands of hours into their sales strategies and tactics's designed for MSPs in mind, and are capable of catapulting existing sales teams to the next level of selling recurring revenue. Our sales team offers training, mentoring, and coaching at a variety of levels - from the C-Suite down to entry level sales representatives. Don't wait 10,000 hours for your team to become sales masters. Start building momentum right now!